Portugal - Algarve 2022
 Portugal - Algarve 2022

Travels with Krümel

Its the same dog I travelled with 14 years ago. It was a roadtrip accross Scandinavia and the United States. 14 years ago he sat in his dogbasked on my bicycle - his kingdom. In the basked he was some big monster protecting me,  ready to take up fights with anybody. 

Its different today. He is sitting next to me in my van. As co-pilot he could lean back and enjoy the ride. But he never trusted my driving abilities, so instead relaxing, he sits up straight, watching my every move. 

Today he is 15 years old, deaf and blind, but still seems to enjoy life as best he can. Loves to sniff around in the parks, is happy to meet other dogs but no longer can he play with them, since he can only sniff but not see them. Best times of all are those when I fill his foodbowl. Hope very much that he stays with me for a while. 




I am going to be 67 in a few months. Since 2018 I am  retired, and happily so. After many years of work and struggle, I am now able to enjoy my life. Now again, I have time to travel, and thats what I do with my van called Jumpy. I bought it in June 2021 and I went on a four weeks maiden trip to Sweden. Initially I planned to visit my friend and soulmate Ann in Boras Sweden, but she died in May.  So the maiden trip turned out to be a sad voyage to the grave of my friend and her family and friends.  


But being my soulmate, of course she sent me a last message: Enjoy life as long as you can and thank your universe for what you have. Ive promised to do just that.



Home - the sound of this word resonates differently in everyone. For one person home is the small apartment in the suburbs, with a view over the valleys. For another person home means a posh villa with front porch, pool and gardener. 


My home is white, has 4 wheels and 140 horspowers under the hood. Inside its got everything I need to have a convenient life. There is a cosy bed, a kitchen to prepare my meals, a bathroom for the necessities. When I sit on my couch I can look through the windshield and see what happens outside, or even better, if Jumpy is parked in a marina I can watch the sailingboats bob up and down in the water. My porch is where I happen to be and I don´t even need a gardener. My views are often magnificient: Mountains, valleys, lakes, oceans and nature.  


It wasn`t love on first sight, initially I wanted to buy a different van, but I didn`t like the salesman.  At first my Roadcar was a compromise, but soon I fell in love with that car. Whenever I look at it, my heart is jumping for joy and I can`t wait to get inside and take a ride. 

But the very best of all is, that Jumpy brings me wherever I prefer to be at any given moment. And if I no longer want to be there oder if I no longer like the people around me? Well then, we  can move on whenever and wherever to is convenient.


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